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OKCupid is putting its users in peril.

OKCupid is putting its users in peril.

OKCupid doesn’t utilize HTTPS that is basic encryption protect user privacy, therefore all you do on the website is seen by whoever really wants to spy you. Every concern you have answered. Every message you have delivered. Any profile you have visited. Online dating sites house a few of our many personal and data that are potentially embarrassing. Cutting corners on safety is not just sloppy, it is unsafe.

Sign the petition to OKCupid:

“Dear OKCupid: It’s your responsibility to guard users making use of security that is standard like HTTPS encryption. Clean your act up and prevent putting our privacy and security in danger.”

Your message to Cupid that is OK was! Now is it possible to share?

Distribute the term so other’s know very well what’s taking place. If an adequate amount of us contact them, they’re going to perform some thing that is right protect our safety!

Huge numbers of people are registering for online sites that are dating OKCupid. It is it safe?

Unfortuitously, now, the solution isn’t any. OKCupid does not utilize HTTPS encryption to safeguard their users’ security from the vast majority of pages on the web site. HTTPS encryption is known as standard internet encryption employed by all protected internet internet sites (it’s that small lock icon that your particular web browser displays when you’re on a protected web page.)

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