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Science Fiction Studies

Science Fiction Studies

#81 = Amount 27, Component 2 = July 2000

The Fetishization of Masculinity in Science Fiction: The Cyborg plus the Console Cowboy

One aspect that is significant of technofetishism could be the intensification of y our social lust for brand new technologies. We come across such « technolust » celebrated in Wired magazine’s regular « Fetish » spot; this covers a variety of new services from technical devices including the MindDrive—a sensor sleeve that slips onto the index little finger for the people game players whom tire of keeping a joystick—to brand brand new and much more manly means of eating ginseng. As Tim Barkow writes, « Brewing up tea as a boon to your manhood simply too femme? At final there’s a way of having your everyday dosage of ginseng that’s as butch as the root’s reputation.  » (65).

Wired’s ginseng fetish is exposing, for just what are at stake the following is not merely a type of commodity fetishism. Wired’s advertisement evokes a framework that is psychoanalytic that the fetish wards from the danger of feminization. In orthodox psychoanalytic readings, it will always be the girl who’s fetishized; the fetish masks her horrifying lack of intimate huge difference, the sight of and this can be a supply of castration anxiety for the male subject. In this reading, the fetish stands set for the woman’s missing phallus and facilitates the disavowal of her « castration,  » protecting a man topic through the looked at their own feasible « feminization.  » The new form of ginseng as a phallic fetish in similar fashion, Wired promotes. Faced because of the castrating possibility of brewing tea, the male subject is saved by the brand brand brand new, technologically-advanced, and accordingly butch ginseng, which functions as a fetish that is phallic shoring within the masculinity for the implied audience of Wired mag. Continuer la lecture de Science Fiction Studies