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THC and CBD oil

THC and CBD oil

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THC and CBD oil

Im yes it is not a question that is new, nevertheless after some unwelcome news the other day We know desire to research all avenues.

My mum had been clinically determined to have stage 4 lung cancer tumors in Aug year( that is last)

after radiotherapy and chemo we had been advised in December the outcomes seemed to had being positive and worked we was then advised last week the cancer had spread to the left lung, Kidney and adrenal gland as they would have hoped, unfortunately. The only thing we can comprehend at this time is the cancer tumors is not treatable and awai what treatment will likely to be next. We now have no right time scale etc as I’m certain is understandable had been a bit of the shock.

anyhow We have a contact whom suggested the THC treatment which can be apparently which can have actually great outcomes, if any you can shed any light/ experience i this that could be great.

Many Thanks ahead of time

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