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TIPS egyptian men. IF he has asked you for cash , forget him.

TIPS egyptian men. IF he has asked you for cash , forget him.

Hello I made a decision to create as straight back up for Nourshehane’s concerns. Her Questions are certainly concerns you need to consider.. I’m not right right right here to guage anyones situation .or tell you mine.. I recently desire to offer you a couple of tips !!

An honourable man that is egyptian never ever ask a female for the money. Its an ego thing along with religious.From their ego perspective, he’d worry other people thinking him useless needing to scrounge his wife off etc They fancy themselves as providers, having the ability to look after their spouse and family members. From a religious perspective, he could be perhaps perhaps not permitted to ask his wife for the money. It really is forbidden in Islam. It, this is ok if she offers. otherwise its haram.

My seats and costs had been all compensated for once I travelled to Egypt. He gave me an ATM card on his current account to access funds when we were living apart. I experienced my money that is own but ended up being unimportant, he provided me with an allowance for myself on a monthly basis.

Whenever with him i covered absolutely nothing. I became purchased footwear and clothing and meals . Often if you use toilets in Egypt you will find attendants taking care of recommendations basis. You’ll be also offered a couple of pounds that are egyptian the end for the attendant. When i say he’ll spend after all he’ll pay all of your costs ALLLLLLLLLLLLL..

Whenever speaking about faith, it is vital to remember that practicing Muslim guys are susceptible to guidelines when you look at the remedy for females. The main one above about cash.. you cant be asked by him for almost any.

It’s not permitted to harm your spouse in Islam. Im sure it occurs you are not allowed to beat the crap out of her or even slap her face as it does in the west but mark my words. I understand I am going to face crap over saying this for sure.. but there are guidelines.. strict people in this matter. Continuer la lecture de TIPS egyptian men. IF he has asked you for cash , forget him.