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3 New Audio-streaming Shareware For Low System Requirements That Can Be Modified By The User In 2020

These things would be more than enough for you to put it all together. Make sure you have your cabinet’s and motherboard’s manual in handy. If you’re using a modular PSU you only need to plug all the relevant power cables into it, which makes this a little less tedious than it can be.

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Consider replacing it with one that is more powerful and more efficient as soon as possible. If you are building a 64-bit system, check the price of the DRAM modules that your motherboard requires, in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB sizes. If the 8GB modules are the least expensive per GBB, buy one to start with.


But why not just save yourself all the hassle and buy a pre-built gaming rig? The debate between a pre-built vs custom PC is a heated one. But we all use our PCs differently and that means we don’t all need the exact same setup. The problem with buying an off-the-peg gaming PC is that you will only have access to the components that a particular system builder can offer – you don’t have this problem if you build your own PC. Power supplies come with either 20-pin or 24-pin connectors.

So, for us, that’s the main motherboard, CPU, SATA, Molex, and graphics card power cables, which can all be mostly hidden from view through the chassis cable routing systems behind the motherboard. If you want a proper test bench, then it’ll cost you the same as getting a new PC case, but there’s an easy way to make your own test bench without spending a penny if you don’t build PCs too often. Simply set the motherboard on top of the anti static sheet it came wrapped in, propping it up with the cardboard box. Then plug in your RAM, CPU, cooler, and graphics card, wire up the PSU, and hook it up to a monitor and keyboard – we’ll show you how to do this later in the guide! You don’t need storage here, as we’re just making sure you can boot to BIOS.

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Get the same number of pins as your motherboard has so that it will connect. Be sure that it meets all the recommended power requirements for your parts, such as the graphics card.It is important to remember that most power supplies that come with cases are of low quality.

  • Experience wise, the one we have here seems to be consistent and equally thorough through all out each of the switches.
  • You can also set and chose a different color to any key that you would like to change with this software.
  • To change each key to a specific color, you have to press (FN + ~) twice then press the key that you want to have a specific color or do it via software.
  • It’s not disappointing in a way but also not that satisfying.

If you want a slight boost in performance, you can easily overclock it with MSI Afterburner software as well. First of all, keep a Philips screwdriver and all the components within your reach and have some flat surface (Non-conducting, wood preferred) to build your pc on. All the wires you need would be in your motherboard case, the screws required will be in your cabinet and PSU will have all the power cables.